Wedding Gifts – How Much To Spend

by Michael MM

Wedding Gifts – How Much To Spend

Most adults learn how much to invest about birthday presents or Mother’s Day plus Father’s Day presents. We have a feel for what exactly is appropriate for baby presents. However with regards to wedding presents, how much to invest could not be thus simple to determine. We don’t like to invest thus small which you look inexpensive, however you don’t like to invest over you may afford only to compete with additional guests.


With marriage presents, how much to invest looks to be a query of etiquette. Few of you feel totally comfortable with all the rules of etiquette. In different regions of existence, society has moved away from these rules. Etiquette books no longer have a region about the bookshelves.

Happily, etiquette books, or at smallest those whom read them, have a destination found on the Internet. By researching those websites, there are a greater idea of how much to invest about event presents. You need to remember these points.

1. Negative: Do NOT try to invest according to what a food usually expense. It is a widespread myth which etiquette’s “rule of thumb” is to estimate how much the food may expense plus invest which much about a present. The active (2007) budget for a food is considered between plus 0 per individual. If two of you are attending together, you’d double which amount. This really is NOT true according to etiquette. Additionally, a latest study shows which just 10 % of brides agree with which idea. If followed, it might indicate a couple selecting a everyday affair might get cheaper presents because the reception was everyday.

2. Positive: Emily Post claims there is not a guideline. We could allow the affection for the bride plus groom guide we, however you need to remain in your budget, plus be financially responsible whenever you purchase a event present. The giving of event presents is not a competition. The present could reflect that you may be plus a relationship to the bride plus groom. Should you cannot afford to provide because much because you want, remember which the present is provided in the initially year following the marriage. Sooner is better, naturally. But with which much time, you are capable to conserve enough to buy the event present you’d really like to provide.

U.S. National Average

In the U.S., the nationwide averages invested about marriage presents get into 3 categories. Every category is determined by the relationship of the guests to the bridal couple.

1. If purchasing for a colleague or perhaps a remote relative, guests tend to invest – every about a marriage present.
2. Those attending the event of the relative or friend are probably to invest -0 every about a marriage present.
3. Whenever a close relative or close friend gets married, the marriage present will expense 0-0 or even more per every customer.

This will not be appropriate inside a town or city. It is superior to consult peers plus understand what event presents customarily expense where we reside.

Personal Decision

With event presents, how much to invest actually is a individual choice. Guests might provide any marriage presents they select. We must not be guided by how much we think the bride’s family might invest found on the food. We cannot be guided by what others could provide.

Shop for a marriage present according to what we think the bride plus groom usually like, not based on the price. If they have registered at a regional shop, check the registry. Should you see something you need to purchase plus could afford, don’t be turned away considering it happens to be the smallest pricey item found on the registry.

Send Wedding Gifts plus End the Competition

Etiquette states event presents are to be delivered to the bride’s house. These are typically to not be delivered inside individual, either to the house or to the marriage place. If event presents are delivered to the marriage place, the bride plus groom could wait plus open them at house inside private.

Finally, whether a event present fees or ,000, a well-mannered bride plus groom may accept it graciously plus appreciate the thoughtfulness.

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8 Responses to Wedding Gifts – How Much To Spend

  1. If I bought a gift for my boss for his engagement party, and I’m getting another one for their wedding. Do I have to bring a third to the bridal shower? I eloped so I have no clue.

    If so, do you bring a gift geared toward the bride only to the bridal shower??

  2. If a father pays for the wedding for his daughter, how much is a good amount to spend on the gift?
    The gift is for the father’s daughter.

  3. Has anyone got an idea of how much to spend on a wedding gift?
    I know it all comes down to personal circumstance but I do not want to be over generous and thereby make other peoples gifts look small or not give enough and look mean myself.
    I don’t go to many weddings, at the last one I gave £150 but worried it was not enough bearing in mind what people spend on the ‘do’ and how much it costs for each guest etc.
    I have no idea what other guests gave, it’s not exactly the thing you ask the people on your table.
    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to answer you have really helped with something I was worrying about. Sorry that I can only pick one best answer.

  4. Does anyone know a website where I can find Ceremony etiquette?

  5. Sergeant Pickle April 5, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I’m going to be in a close friend’s wedding. I have already spent almost $2000 on travel, hotel, rental car. and on the dress and shoes she picked out. I’ve only been to one other wedding before and assume I should be bringing a gift as well. There is no gift registry and I do not want to spend too much more. What would be an appropriate, but inexpensive gift?
    I understand I agreed to be part of the wedding, but in the original plan it was going to be in Indiana during the summer and then was changed to Florida on Christmas, which as you can imagine has increased the costs significantly and has upset my family and boyfriend.

  6. I have friend who is getting married and she has invited me for her wedding shower and the wedding as well. Her evite wedding shower inviation included a registry at a deparment store. My question is if I get her a gift her from the registry for the shower, do I still need to give her money for the wedding as well. I hate the way weddings these days have become so much about $$$. But, anyway, she is not a very close friend but still i dont want go there and give her less than expected and look cheap.

    The shower is at a restaurant at around lunchtime, where everyone is to pay for their own food and drinks!

  7. My co-worker is getting married and invited me to his wedding. Since they are on a budget, he did not invite most of the company to keep costs down (so it’s hush hush). My other co-workers decided to pitch in to buy him a gift and since they do not know i was invited, asked me to pitch in I ended up putting $20 towards a gift. Do I still need to buy him a gift? If so, what would be reasonable? I am also on a budget :(

  8. On the 15th of August, my parents will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. What are some ideas for gifts? Thanks all!

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