Wedding Bouquets

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  1. How much should I expect to pay for a cascading bouquet of red roses and green foliage?

  2. I’m very slim but pear-shaped (wide hips). I’ve got simple white wedding dress with laces. I like pink, violet, cream flowers with green elements (grass and leaves).
    Please help.

  3. getting married next month and curious about the bouquet situation…

    do you pick up the bouquet the same day or the previous day?
    If it’s the previous day, how do you keep the bouquet looking fresh??
    any advice would be appreciated.
    just getting one for myself.

  4. I think that I’ve decided to have hydrangeas for my wedding bouquet and for my bridesmaids. Does anyone have any pictures or links of nice arrangements? My colors are clover, lavendar and cream.

    My dress is very simple…I’ll attach it for reference…

    Has anyone used hydrangeas? If so, what were the pros and cons?

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